Tplink WiFi Net

Tplink routers are the backbone of networking industries. Its been in the market for a long time and provides some of the best products available you will find switches, routers, modems, extenders, ip cameras, wifi adapters, usb chargers, network . equipments etc. The list goes on and on all the top quality products are top selling. Tplink routers come with an ethernet cable, wall adapter, manual guide in the box. You need to connect your router with the modem using the ethernet cable for the internet connection. Now all the LEDS on the front of the router will light up. Now you need to connect your device on the tplink router to begin smart setup process. After the connection open your internet browser and type to gain the access of the router page. Now all you have to do is follow on screen instructions on the screen to finish your tplink router setup.

Tp Link Admin is the default address for wifi routers. Tplink link admin page is very important as it is the settings for the router. Some of the features and settings explained below. –
  • Network Map – Network map contains all the devices which are connected on the router. You can find their ip addresses, mac address block unblock internet access etc.
  • Internet – Under this setting tab you will find different settings for different internet connection types.
  • Wireless – Change wifi name, passwords or change channels.
  • Usb Sharing – Plug in your usb and stream onto your other devices which are connected on the router.
  • Parental Controls – Setup what you want your kids to view on the internet and put a lock onto sites which are not safe.
  • Guest Network – Setup a guest network for your guests and keep your personal and guest network separate.
  • Tplink Cloud – Tplink routers can be setup on cloud to provide you access on the tplink tether app so you can control your router from anywhere.

Quick Tips :

  • Restart router and modem in case of sudden internet connection drop out.
  • Unplugging router while updating settings can damage the device.
  • Tplink routers have a manual guide inside the box for more help. change password

There are many reasons for changing your password and its always good to do so. Changing password of the router is very not a complicated job to do just follow our steps and you will have your router setup –

  • You need to get your cable connection right before logging onto router.
  • Now make sure you have the router connected with the modem for the internet connection. 
  • Now open your internet browser or safari on mac and type on the address bar and hit enter. 
  • Username and password will be admin for both fields. 
  • Now click on the wireless tab and you will get the wireless password fields.
  • Enter new password and apply settings.
  • There you go now your wifi password is changed.

How to update Firmware on your TP-Link Wi-Fi router?

You can physically update the firmware of your wifi router to improve the performance and to eliminate bugs. 

Steps to update firmware manually of TP-Link Wi-Fi router.

  • Launch your internet browser into the device which connected on the router.
  • Enter in the web address of your favoured browser.
  • Enter the default login credentials of the tplink router to access router page.
  • Click on the firmware update tab to update your tplink router.
  • Now just follow onscreen steps to update router.

Note : Do not unplug your tplink router while it is updating firmware.

Faqs - Quick answers to your questions

  • What is the default address for Tp link router ?

Answer : Default address is

  • Where do i find reset whole ?

Answer : Some router have a reset button on the back and some have the reset whole on the back of the router.

  • Do i have to turn router off when not in use ?

Answer : There is no need to turn off your router. 

  • How to access router admin when forgotten password ?

Answer : You can reset the router back to factory settings if you forgot your login admin password.

  • Does tplink router allow user to change channels ?
Answer : Yes, like all the routers you can change the wifi channel on your tplink also.
  • How to open Setup page on mac ?
Answer : Process is same for all devices, simply open Http:// on your browser.
  • Login failed for tplink router . what to do ?
You can reset the router or check the cables before trying again.